/ September 26, 2018

During last 24 hours, the price of DOGE increased by 1.797% to today's $0.00572.

In the last 24 hours we have seen small but stable downward movement starting at around 4 PM until around 7:30 PM, stable upward trend between 7:21 PM and approx. 10 PM, rather sideways movement between approx. 10 PM and 6:29 AM, slow downward movement starting at around 6:30 AM until around 2:30 PM and sharp upward trend from 2:29 PM towards approx. 4 PM.

Price development in the last 24 hours

By looking at the historical data from the last period we can observe stable downward movement from Apr 20 to Jun 14, solid rise from Jun 14 to Jun 22, small but stable decrease from Jun 22 to Aug 30, abrupt upswing from Aug 30 to Sep 2 and gradual decrease from Sep 2 to Sep 26.

Price development in the last 90 days

Over the last 3 months DogeCoin dropped to its lowest price on August 14, 2018 ($0.002137) and the price reached its highest point on September 11, 2018 ($0.006854).

The current hashrate is 198.04 TH/s and the difficulty sits at the value of 2335231.7945.