/ September 16, 2018

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Over the course of yesterday, the price of ETH strengthened by 1.860% to current $220.12.

In the last 24 hours we have seen small but stable bearish trend between around 2 AM and 7:04 AM, stable strengthening between approx. 7 AM and 9:28 AM, rather sideways movement from 9:28 AM to approx. noon, steady upswing from noon towards 2:33 PM and slow decrease between 2:33 PM and 2 AM.

[iframe class=”plotly-plot” id=”plot-24h” src=”https://cryptoinformer.graphomania.ai/media/plot/eth_24h_2018-09-16-02-01.html” width=”100%” iframe][/iframe]
Price development in the last 24 hours

Overall, the price has been rising for 4 days in a row.

By looking at the historical data from the last period we can observe solid increase from Apr 21 to May 5, stable downward movement from May 5 to Jun 27, small but stable strengthening from Jun 27 to Jul 29, stable bearish trend from Jul 29 to Aug 13 and slow decline from Aug 13 to Sep 16.

[iframe class=”plotly-plot” id=”plot-90d” src=”https://cryptoinformer.graphomania.ai/media/plot/eth_90d_2018-09-16-02-01.html” width=”100%” iframe] [/iframe]
Price development in the last 90 days

Over the last 90 days Ethereum touched its bottom on September 12, 2018 ($179.93) and the price reached its highest point on May 6, 2018 ($807.0673291637275).

The current hashrate is 254.40 TH/s and the difficulty is currently 3150391446786430.